Driving rain

We made another little trip to Latvia last week, this time taking the car. I've had my car 11 years now and it has been all over Europe. Now it has 3 new countries under its belt. Poland, Lithuania and, of course, Latvia. Having had new wheel bearings and the timing belt changed just before we went, I was listening carefully for any unusual noises or odd behaviour, but I soon forgot about that as the old motor effortlessly chewed up the miles, just like it did when I first got it. The round trip was approximately 5000 km. It was tiring, but do-able over 2 long days, with an overnight near Warsaw on the way there and Berlin on the way back. I have found that a good nights sleep, an early start and a long day driving (repeat as required) is the best way to do these long trips. I'll leave driving all day and night to the youngsters.

Anyway, with the car we managed to take some things (washing machine, king size bed, all my tools, etc.) and were able to spend our first night at the house! A bit uncomfortable and awkward at times, but nice to sleep and wake up in that lovely place at last.

This summer has been one of the coolest and wettest on record for Latvia. Farmland has been flooded, roads washed away and people very fed up.

Our garden is suffering a bit in places and the water in the pond and river (below) are higher than normal!




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