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Mosquitoes and dead deer

It was a bit of a baptism of fire when we first went to visit the new house. I got out of the car, enjoyed the sun and, by the time we left, had over 30 mosquito bites! Each bite was a 3cm diameter red blotch that itched and wept for a week. What I didn't realise is that most people get bitten, but it is the reaction that is the problem. Anyway, the first step for me is to reduce the number of bites. So far I have bought a tubey type neck scarf, which I have cut in half giving me wrist band, neck scarf and headband options. I also got a Craghoppers NOSIlife shirt from Blacks, some wristbands from ebay and repellent spray. On subsequent visits, with this lot on, I got virtually no bites. I noticed that for me, as soon as I start working, breathing heavily and getting warm, the mosquitoes will have a go, even with all my gear on. Someone said to me "You'll be fine once you are out here. Your body will get used to it!". I looked this up on google and it's true!